I've had a love of photography since highschool when I took my first course using a 4x5 view camera and a Pentax 35mm. Of course all Black and white, no color. No light meters, just learned to set the exposure and bracket a lot. I developed and printed my own in a makeshift darkroom setup in my bathroom. Over the years color came into it's own and I started processing color film and Cibachrome prints. Lots of work keeping all those chemicals at the right temperature. I shot birthdays, graduations, rock concerts and catalogs of restaurant supplies. I went all over the city (Chicago) in all kinds of weather and neighborhoods just to shoot interesting stuff.

With the advent of affordable hi resolution film scanners I was finally able to combine my two loves, photography and computers. I shot film and scanned to digital. I learned to use the original versions of Photoshop. Having a darkroom with no chemicals was like having your cake and eating it too. With the advent of the web I found many new opportunities to take advantage of my skills. I now use the latest Nikon cameras and Lenses.

Examples of my Work